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The Dick Show

Jan 1, 2020

Eating fish j*zz, how to have herpes, Peach's skeleton fetish, diversity in Japan, standing in line, the bullet train, cucking a cop, ; all that and more this week on This Dick Show!

Nov 19, 2019

Celebrities in video games, autistic movie screenings, being done with all my Christmas shopping, Epstein is the Challenger explosion for Zoomers, Sean liked Chaggot, a virgin wins the Virgin Contest, ThinkSpot is released, what to do in the event of a school shooting, CBD cookies, bisexual girls, Nickelodeon...

Sep 24, 2019

Two days with gigantic balls, an Australian takes a trip down Crenshaw, being blessed, the going rate for Thoughts and Prayers, CBD, nanotech, women, and other scams, Zuby Music: the current British female deadlifting record holder, calls in, the legality of telling people to kill themselves, adventures in blackface,...

Jul 2, 2019

Maddox kills his podcast, shorts with no pockets, John McAfee calls in to talk privacy coins, laziness, fucking whales, advice for the virgins, and being on the run from the biggest government in the world, a millennial with no hammer calls in to explain life to Sean and I, diminishing returns, how the lost episode was...

Jul 10, 2018

People getting stuck in holes, snipers for hat snatchers, a real-life PvP solution, racist artificial intelligence, yelling at an Apple Genius, the 20 Million Dollar Mead man calls in, Dame Pesos' news segment, and Clay Bangs a Trans Woman; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!