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The Dick Show

Nov 27, 2018

"Winners Drink", my new drinking card game is ON SALE NOW, blown eulogies, how Nintendo has screwed us our entire lives, a four-hour blunder over "the map says!", Boomer football vs. Zoomer video games, flavored vapes and screw the children, the curse of the pinkie toe, The THOT Audit and Women: God's Tax on Life, how to give a girl an eating disorder, chicks with guy friends, when to keep your mouth shut, Jurassic Park and a Vore fetishist, a man's first time, Bleh Rodriguez calls in and giggles, Denzel vs. Peach Round 2, Sean's drag queen persona, background checks for guns, and the restraining order transcript between Mental Jess and 80s Girl is on the way; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!