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The Dick Show

Oct 26, 2021

Vito and I are assaulted at the Netflix protest by Netflix employees and their associates at a company-sponsored walkout over Dave Chapelle's special The Closer; our signs are taken and smashed, I am thrown into a rock, and we make international news; that is the only thing we talk about on this episode of The Dick Show!

Oct 19, 2021

Youth soccer is ruined, a French Manicure military, Lizzo wears a tuna net, gay culture and the designated virgin, vaccine passport deja vu, Netflix stomps the trans resistance, waking up, paying attention, and the national divorce, and Brandon Buckingham in studio wrestling boxers and picking up Pokemon; all that and...

Oct 12, 2021

Dave Chapelle is canceled, a self-defense school shooting, "Fat Watch" with Tess Holiday, Adam from Houston has fun with a speculum, a never-ending state of un-safety, swallowing hair, whistleblowing, carbon-saving driving directions, and electroshocking your brain to cure depression from being fat; all that and more...

Oct 5, 2021

Tax the rich, stop being fat, lie to your baby mama, Playboy but with men for straight men, Chris the Kiwi's escort texts, getting your car towed, underrepresentation in film and television, leaving your grandparents, the BallsDeepWeep developer calls in, and nurses and teachers and nurses and teachers; all that and...