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The Dick Show

Jul 24, 2023

Constitutional rights in a small town, Ralph vs. Zherka, Barbie vs. Ben Shapiro, doctors vs. weiners, and then unbridled lunacy, something about Plato, I honestly can't remember; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

Jul 17, 2023

I give away a box spring, an MMF thrupple, Adam22 does some things, cops and meth exposure, Nick Rekieta calls in about The Umbrella Man, Jim Caviezel is insane, my dog is too fat, who is repaying their student loans, not teaching math, the new Italian groping law, and a gender surgery whoopsie; all that and more...

Jul 11, 2023

A woman tells me to stop smoking, fat brides take over Las Vegas, a Super Nintendo erases my save games, Chris the Kiwi gives advice on gaslighting, Sean goes to Disneyland too many times, Jonah Hill's stupid text messages, and Kevin Landau's gilrfriend Sanyu Lubogo threatens my dog; all that and more this week 

Jul 4, 2023

I lose because of a big brained halfwit, my entertainment center and Super Nintendo are sabotaged, the army has a quota, how to ask for a raise, fake buildings in France burn down, cuck stuff, hummingbirds, reverse Juneteenth, a Gravy Seal goes AWOL, and the Fat Mermaid Society; all that and more this...